Wicked Fearless is a revolutionary and immersive experience, reframing and reprogramming your mindset to unleash your true power, passion, and purpose. While I spend a lot of my days at SoulCycle, inspiring people on the bike, when COVID-19 hit, I was ready to take this to the next level and continue inspiring people at home! I went virtual and launched Wicked Fearless – a way to inspire you and level up your life, get unstuck, have accountability, and truly create the life and reality you desire!

In this experience, we get really clear on what your superpowers are, and how to use them to find true change in your life. This means doing the deep inner work, getting to know yourself again, and finding a different sense of self-confidence and authenticity. With that clarity, we figure out what YOU want to do – what lights you up, what brings you joy, and what are your hell yes’s, ignoring the hell no’s. 



The Confidence Course by Madison Ciccone

What is Wicked Fearless:

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This confidence course helps you rewire your mindset from fear to help yourself be...

Because change takes accountability, and that’s me. It takes work to break down life-long barriers and blocks. We will rewrite the negative self-talk and narrative you’ve been telling yourself, instead speaking to yourself with love and compassion, while living a purpose-filled and soul-driven life. That’s why I created Wicked Fearless, because I see your inner badass, and know you have the power to tap into the fire that burns inside of you. 

Why should I join?

While it can vary, Wicked Fearless generally runs 4 times per year.
Level up your life with prompts, exercises, and videos from me as your confidence coach. This program is your opportunity to take the necessary steps to be your best self. You’ll have access to hundreds of people and resources who are going through or have gone through the program already.

How often does Wicked Fearless run?

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