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Speaker, Coach, and Podcast Host, fully dedicated to freeing women from the shackles of shame and helping them walk confidently into the most badass version of themselves. You're probably wondering how my SOUL was called to do this work. Here's the thing, I wasn't always one of the top performers at the boutique fitness mecca that is SoulCycle. In fact, prior to 2015, I was living the velvet rope lifestyle and partying my ass off as a glorified Hollywood assistant. While I have some of the most insane stories that could rival the likes of Lindsay Lohan, I bet you can guess how that ended for me: on the cement floor of the Van Nuys County jail in full surrender. Yup! This was my rock bottom moment that became the biggest catalyst for change in my life and eventually taught me to be the hero of my own story. And I want every woman not only to become the hero of their own story, but fall in love with that story too! 

In 2016 I traded in the “party girl” lifestyle of Hollywood for a pair of cycling shoes and the rest was history. As one of SoulCycle’s top instructors in the Country, I've humbly been the official hype girl for nearly half a million people who sprint to my classes for their weekly dose of inspiration. It was through this level of infectious energy and in-studio performances that led me outside of the four walls of SoulCycle to coaching and speaking beyond the bike. 

By showcasing my raw relatable encounters, I hope to provide fresh perspective and tangible resources to encourage other female leaders to harness their individuality and step further into who they were created to be. I wants every woman to not only become the hero of their own story, but fall in love with that story too! 






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Looking to find more confidence? Navigating life through massive changes and shake-ups? Chasing down lofty goals and wild dreams? Me too! Wicked Fearless is the personal cheerleader - hype girl in your back pocket, that you never knew you needed. Confidence coach and founder of Wicked Fearless, I will be dishing some of my best motivation in quickie episodes, as well as bringing on friends, colleagues, and mentors who will inspire you to be the best version of you. The perfect blend of mindful fitness, life advice, business tactics, and spiritual guidance - this podcast will help you to create the life you crave and show you what it's like to start living a joyful, loving, and above all else FEARLESS, life. Dive in below!

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